Online Acting Classes

Subscribe to our weekly online acting classes. We offer classes for young children, preteens, teens and young adults. Classes are held three times per week via Zoom (two times per week for young adults). Click on the appropriate class below to subscribe now!

Who We Are

The Playground is a young actor’s conservatory: a place where actors are immersed in the craft of Television and Film Acting.  Young people of all ages look forward to coming here and taking part in our carefully developed curriculum, a curriculum that has been personally designed by Gary Spatz.

Learn The Craft of On-Camera Acting

Here at the Playground, we focus on creating a safe and nurturing environment that allows the actor to take risks and exercise their imaginations. Gary and his staff of skilled actors/teachers strive to develop each actor’s creativity. The benefits of this training provide actors with exponentially more confidence, self-esteem and communication skills.

More Than An Acting Program

The Playground is the premier young actors’ conservatory in Los Angeles and Orange County. Our focus is coaching young actors, both experienced and new, the craft of on camera film and television acting. Get started now!